Chris Roberts Wednesday,
September 20, 2017

Download headline exercise for ASPA 2012.

"Do More" survey.

More information about Chris.

Family photos:
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* Aug02.JPG
* Aug03.JPG
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Winston Cup results, 1991-2003

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* S.C. FOIA: From the S.C. Press Association, click on the big green words "FOIA" on the right.
* Federal FOIA: From the Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press

Some places to get more statistics and data:
* Federal statistics:, with a terrific search engine.
* Children's statistics:, with a not-as-good search engine.
* Census Bureau:, with data for population, poverty, housing, federal spending, etc.
* S.C. statistics:, with data for the state's Statistical Abstract, population, health, links to publications dealing with key stats for children, young adults and the elderly.
* Links used by N.Y. Times reporters.
* Duff's list has a "John Doe" link you can use to learn about people.

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